Rynic Scapes is a locally owned and family operated company.  We might be new to the scene,but we have a well seasoned team!  We also work closely with our partners to ensure our customers our well satisfied with a quality product and install.

Meet our Owner, Tonya McClellen.  Tonya’s education in gardening started at a young age helping her parents work in the garden.  While she saw it as chore as a youngster, through the years it grew into a true passion.  Her parents ‘planted the seed’ when she was young and now she runs her own natural landscape business!  Prior to Rynic Scapes, Tonya worked as a project manager for a large corporation and has over 15 years of project managing experience.  She was able to take some time off from her corporate job to raise the little ones that came along.  It was during this time that she was able to really get digging in the dirt, experiment, continue her gardening education, plus play to her heart’s content with landscape design, perennials, annuals and veggie gardens!  Tonya is also a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor.  Charleston’s plant hardiness zone makes for a really long, really fun growing season!  So, if Tonya is not in her yard, your yard or at your business doing the garden work — well then, it must be raining!