Natural Landscape Enhancements

Need to add some character to your landscape? Rynic Scapes provides natural landscape advice, and will work with you to add color, texture or both to your exterior world. We can help figure out what will work for the type of space you have and your lifestyle or business needs.  Feeling adventurous, we can simply go shopping with you to help you pick out the right plants for your setting and then set you off on your own!

Whether you have a small niche you want to fill or do a complete overhaul of your landscape, we can assist you.  Rynic Scapes can also help you incorporate a true naturescape (add only native plants into your landscape), create a bird or butterfly haven, enhance a formal garden or even change out your seasonal beds with annuals.  We will meet with you onsite, discuss your ideas and then tailor your package to your specific needs.  What are you waiting for, give us a call today and let’s plant your world happy!