Edible Gardening for Everyone

Rynic Scapes can set you or your business on the right path to growing and maintaining your very own vegetable and herb garden!  We specialize in designing, installing and planting square foot style gardens, so you can obtain great yields while using minimal space and resources!  

Square Foot Gardening is a simple way to grow lots of different types of vegetables and herbs.  There are all types of raised beds, vertical wall planters and container options that we can install in any kind of personal or business setting.  In addition, with all the great, readily available products on the market you can conveniently grow a non-GMO, organic and sustainable garden!  Charleston’s growing season is extremely long, so you can start a veggie or herb garden any time of the year.  You can also set up succession plantings that give you year-round vegetables!  



Business Owners 

Provide your employees with a way to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and clear their heads by installing your business’s own edible garden!  Our society is working hard towards going green, not to mention plants are the next best thing to bringing your dog to work!  Rynic Scapes can meet with your managers to determine the types of veggies, herbs or flowers they would like to grow with their teams and the best location outside your business.  

Depending on your budget, we can go simple or get as elaborate as that budget allows.  We will guide you through team building exercises that include installing the gardens, planting and then maintaining the gardens for warm crops, cool crops or both.  This is a fun and unique way to organic garden, implement sustainability practices at your business, as well as provide your own recycling through composting!

Too much to add an onsite, company garden?  Rynic also provides Square Foot Gardening Corporate Lunch & Learns!  We will meet onsite with your teams to discuss the Square Foot Gardening technique, discuss the how-to’s of composting, provide take-away literature and/or the Square Foot Gardening book for your associates to set up their own edible gardens at home.  Please call us today for our Corporate Lunch & Learn packages.


Restaurateurs, what better way to show off your ‘farm to table’ practices than installing your own onsite, mini vegetable and herb garden!  Strategically place a container of your own ‘home grown’ herbs and mint in the lobby for the customers to nibble on while waiting for their table.  Delight them by going vertical with a functioning wall garden!  Not composting yet, well let’s get you started and really impress your clients with your sustainability practices – ‘farm to table and back to farm’!  

Rynic Scapes can work with you on a simple, down-to-earth plan or get flashy and go big budget!  Adding an edible garden is a way to step up your game and endear your customers to your restaurant all over again.  So let’s get planning and planting!     


Schools & Community 

School Administrators & Teachers 

We can provide you with fantastic Square Foot Gardening teaching materials, as well as work alongside you and your students, to install your school’s very own Square Foot Garden!  Mel Bartholomew, the founder and developer of the Square Foot Gardening technique, put a square foot garden in every grammar school in the State of Utah!  Mr. Bartholomew, and his team, worked very hard through the years to develop this wonderful program.  The program gives the students a fundamental awareness of the importance of growing their own food and the process works at an early age.      

A student’s curriculum can benefit greatly by learning this method of gardening.  Such as the science of the parts of the plant and how it makes its own food, math by way of all things ‘square foot,’ how to nurture and care for a living thing, the energy cycle flowing from the sun to the plant to the human, and so on – the teaching possibilities are numerous!  The best part is, it’s FUN!!!  There is so much you can teach your students via the Square Foot Gardening method, let’s get going on setting up a plan for your school today!   


Charleston is a fantastic city, with it’s awareness of healthy living and fantastic resources to obtain fresh produce.  Let’s take these resources one step closer to home and develop a community garden in your very own neighborhood, subdivision or community!  Communal gardens offer fantastic opportunities for everyone.  This includes the youngsters, the handicap, special needs, as well as the young at heart.  Community gardens are a way to give everyone the opportunity to get their hands in the dirt, grow bountiful harvests and reap the health benefits of homegrown vegetables!   

The satisfaction in coming together with your local neighbors and growing edible crops together is boundless!  Rynic Scapes can work with you to develop a plan, budget and obtain the resources to make this project happen for your community.  No project is too small or too big!  

Edible gardening can be so easy and satisfying, let us show you how!  Reach out to Rynic Scapes today and you will be your own successful farmer in no time!